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Your Position: Home - Automobiles & Motorcycles - Weakness And Disadvantages Of Electric Motorcycle - 865 Words

Weakness And Disadvantages Of Electric Motorcycle - 865 Words

Electric motorcycle is a means of public transport are getting rave reviews from the public because it does not require fuel oil (BBM), does not produce air pollution and noise, and also cheaper than the fuel cost of charging energy. But of the many advantages of electric motorcycle there are many shortcomings that make people reluctant to switch from gasoline motorcycle into electric motorcycle. Here below are some of the ugliness, weakness or deficiency of electric motorcycles, namely: 1. Limited Speed If the maximum speed of the electric motorcycle is only 40 to 45 km per hour, the electric-powered vehicles is only suitable for short-range use the locality as it will take a long journey if used remotely in a big way. 2. Charging time Batre

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3. Not Much Workshop Formal and Informal Very worried at all if a sudden electric motorcycle to crash or malfunction in the middle of the road away from the workshop were able to handle the electric motor, as we could have forced encourage electric motor for hours up to the workshop or call a technician from the workshop with an expensive tariff. 4. Famous Brand Not Opt Many people just trust well-known brands in the affairs of the motorcycle, so the absence of world famous brand electric motorcycle causing people to be hesitant and questioning whether the electric motor is worth to buy. Renowned brand is very closely linked to the quality, so that the electric motorcycle of the new brand is very questionable quality. 5. Durability Low Batre Because only good can last for one or two years for normal use, the battery electric motorcycle will quickly drop or leak if it continues to be used. If forced to continue to operate, then the charging time long long hours may just be able to wear to walk a few kilometers away. 6. Price Batre Expensive Price battery electric motorcycle that costs are relatively costly, about approximately one million rupiahan a big consideration for people who want to counterparties of motorcycle oils for electric

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Not Necessarily Environmentally Friendly Electricity in our country are still lots produced from fuel oil, fuel gas, fuel coal, and others that generate pollution. So if the electricity used is not electricity generated from environmentally friendly power plants, the environmentally friendly goals have not been achieved. 9. Charging Batre Can not Get Everywhere When we used to refuel motorcycles and cars at various petrol stations (refueling station general) alias petrol stations and petrol retailers individuals are scattered in various places in the country, then for electric motorcycles we can only fill up at home, in the office, in your home, at a friend's house, at a neighbor's house, at school, at college, in the workshop and others that the person familiar with us. Filling electricity can arbitrarily scolded people for stealing electricity included. 10. Need BPKB, vehicle registration, TNK and SIM And Pay Taxes Annual Same as regular motorcycle, electric motorcycles must also be equipped with official letters from the police as BPKB (proof of ownership of motor vehicles), vehicle license (certificate of vehicle number), TNK (sign license / number plate) and BBNKB (motor vehicle title transfer

If you love riding motorcycles, electric-powered and gasoline-powered bikes are both fun to drive and are the top-used mode of alternative transportation in the world. Nonetheless, each has its pros and cons which a rider has to consider when making a purchase, especially since the electric motorcycle is making quite a comeback. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each to see how a biker can make a decision which is best for him or her.

Pros of electric motorcycles

The following are the pros of electric motorcycles.

  • They are more environmentally friendly. The fact that electric motorcycles are more environmentally friendly than gas motorcycles is a definite plus. With fewer greenhouse emissions, it reduces air pollution and diminishes the negative effects of global warming.

  • They are very easy to operate. Electric motorcycles are easy for younger and older drivers who love it’s ease of operation.

  • They are safer than gas motorcycles. Electric motorcycles have a lot of safety features that give people of all ages a sense of security. You don’t have to learn how to change gears or use a clutch, and you don’t have to worry about gas or oil. Also, it takes a lot less physical effort to drive one.

Cons of electric motorcycles

 The following are the cons of electric motorcycles.

  • They cost more than gas-motorcycles. One of the great disadvantages of electric bikes is their cost in electricity. You can guarantee it will make your electric bill go up. In addition, replacing a battery is costly.

  • They are short-range cycles. Don’t plan a long road trip with electric motorcycles. They are designed for short trips. Also, when needed, it takes a while for them to recharge.

  • Their battery life is limited. Unfortunately, maintenance-free electric batteries don’t last all that long. Logically, the more you drive it, the sooner you will have to charge and replace it. You also have to take care not to over-charge the battery, or you could do permanent damage to it. New technology is currently being studied to manufacture longer-lived batteries.

Pros of gas motorcycles

Most motorcycle riders prefer their gas powered motorcycles, and here’s why.

  • They are faster. There is no doubt about it – gas motorcycles are faster, have better suspensions, and are definitely capable of long-range road trips.

  • They have a higher resale value.Unlike their electric counterparts, gas motorcycles are more in demand so finding a buyer is easier. They also have a higher resale value and a well-maintained one can garner a good price.

  • They are less expensive.Gas is plentiful, easy to find and less expensive than the electricity costs of electric bikes.

Cons of gas motorcycles

Even ardent fans of gas motorcycles have to agree there are some disadvantages to them.

  • They weigh a lot more than an electric motorcycle. Although they do come in different weights and sizes, a gas motorcycle requires effort to move it around and requires specific ability and strength to maneuver it.

  • Maintenance can be costly. If you are a self-made mechanic, you can maintain your gas-bike by yourself. If not, you will have to use the services of a private mechanic or dealer and repairs and maintenance can be costly. Because of safety reasons, you definitely have to keep your bike in top-running condition, so good maintenance is a must.

  • They are less environmentally friendly. Studies show that gas motorcycles are bad polluters, having much worse emissions than do electric motorcycles. In addition, the chemicals produced by the gas used are harmful to humans and other life forms. The fumes can cause illness and harm to the individual inhaling them.

Although gas motorcycles are more popular, the rise in electric motorcycles is significant. Choosing which type of bike is good for you is going to be a matter of preference, based on the pros and cons of each. Whichever you choose, make sure to stay safe on the road, wear protective gear and stay aware of all of the traffic around you.

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Weakness And Disadvantages Of Electric Motorcycle - 865 Words

The pros and cons of electric motorcycles and gas motorcycles





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